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21 November 2007 @ 03:31 pm
Spring Fest sign-up post  
This is a gift exchange fest, meaning that each participant will write a fic for another participant and it is anonymous, meaning that you won’t know who wrote what until the reveal at the end of the fest.


Sign-ups: 22nd of November – 23rd of December
Prompt assignment: 24th of December – 30th of December
Submission deadline: 25th of March
Posting: starts on the 1st of April
The end: After all the fics are posted I will edit the entries and change them from Author: anonymous to the author’s user name. After that you can link to the fics from your LJs or post the fic anywhere you want.


• The focus of the fic cannot be McShep, only Rodney or only John. If you have a pairing that involves them, it’s ok.
• The fic cannot be a part of a series, a prequel or a sequel to another fic
• Minimum length for the fic is 2.500 words
• The fic should be read by at least one beta. Minor errors will be corrected by me when you submit it, but if I find inconsistencies or other big problems, I will send it back to you.
• If you realize you won’t be able to finish the fic and submit it on time or you won’t be able to finish it at all, contact me so I can find someone else to write it
• You must take the prompt into consideration. If you can’t write for the prompt you received, please let me know as soon as possible and you will receive another prompt.
• You cannot ask for / agree to write above PG-13 fics if you are under 18
• Until the authors are revealed at the end of the fest, you are not allowed to post your fic anywhere else or tell anyone that it was written by you

After each phase is finished, there will be a post explaining what should have happened and what will happen next. For example, after the sign-ups are closed I will send the prompts and expect to receive an email from you accepting the prompt or not. This step will be explained in a separate post.

Extensions and drop-outs:
• If you need an extension, please mail me and we’ll discuss things. I know RL can interfere and I understand, but if I don’t get an email from you by the 25th of March with the fic or an extension request, I will consider you a drop-out
• On the 25th of March I will post a request for pinch-hitters if we have drop-outs. Any writer who has already submitted a fic or hasn’t participated can apply for that position by filling in a form that will be posted then

• Since someone will write for you and will want you to like your gift, I suggest you compile a list of things you like in fics / don’t like in fics (aside from what you write in the sign-up form) and maybe have a list of your favourite fics.
• Read flyingcarpet Guide to Participating in Fic Exchanges. There are a lot of useful suggestions there.
• Don’t hesitate to ask me if you have any questions. I’d rather answer fifty questions than fix something after it was done wrongly
• Watch the comm. to make sure you don’t miss any important announcements

Sign-up form:
Please copy this and paste it in your comment. An example will be provided with all the explanations

Name: Rox
LJ UserName: victoriaely
Email: victoriaely @ gmail.com

For the gift you want to receive
Pairings you like: Carson/Elizabeth, John/Carson, gen (if you are ok with a gen fic, please specify it)
Pairings you dislike: Carson/Michael
Maximum rating: R (so anything from is G to R is ok with you)
Timeline: up to Sunday (you can mention a certain episode, or ‘anything’ if you don’t care. This means that you are familiar with the events up to and including the epsiode you give and anything after that would be a spoiler for you.)
Squicks: non-con (anything that you don’t want in your fic)
Provide a few scenarios you’d like to see included in your gift story: I suggest you provide at least two prompts, one of them specific, and one of them general, so the one who is writing for you can choose. The more prompts, the better :)
Who can the author contact with questions about your preferences (optional): If you have a friend who knows about your likes and dislikes and is willing to answer questions from your writer, please leave his/her email address here. This friend should agree not to discuss these questions with you and should be able to keep a secret.

For the gift you will be giving
Pairings you will write: The pairings that you’re willing to write
Pairings you won’t write: The pairings that will not write
Maximum rating:
Timeline: The episodes you watched and can write for
Squicks: Things that you cannot write

When filling this form, please be as specific as you can. There’s no such thing as too many details.

If you have any questions/suggestions, please comment here or email me at victoriaely @ gmail.com

The more the merrier, so please pimp the fest :)

ETA: the comments will be screened.